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Gorny Altai, Russia.

Photos by Alex Kotomanov.


1965-1974 | Krasnoe Sormovo ”Sormovich” (Красное Сормово ”Сормович”Hovercraft Source

Instaweek by Russian cosmonaut

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Jay, the cheese maker: Giving up everything to live on a Russian farm

The story of the American chef and traveler Jay Close who gave up everything, moved to Russia, and bought a farm, where he makes cheese that flies off the shelves in the farm products section.

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Detail from Ivan Aivazovsky’s “Ship In The Stormy Sea”, 1887. (via)

Filming David Duchovny’s Russian ad

'Keep rolling!' cried Duchovny, surrounded by cows, to the cameramen…
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Holy sites of the Kolotsky Assumption Convent

127 kilometers to the west of Moscow, on the old road to Smolensk near the village of Kolotskoye, lies the Kolotsky Assumption Convent that was founded here in 1413.

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