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The Catherine Palace and the nearby Alexander Palace (in the background) at Tsarskoe Selo, near Saint Petersburg, Russia. 

Photo by Alexander Petrosyan


General Georgy Zhukov, post ww2 poster


Backstage with Nina Osmanova, Evelise Feres & Julieta Zuniga.

(photo: Nikolai Krusser)

Color became widespread in Russian photography at approximately the same time as in Europe – in the 1860s. It was achieved through the manual tinting of photographic prints with watercolor and oil paints, either by the photographers themselves or by artists working with them

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The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia (July 2013)


The Imperial children with some officers: 1907.


Countess Varvara Alekseyevna Musina Pushkina by Winterhalter, 1857

Wolverine at ComicCon Russia. Yes this is a cosplay.