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Encyclopedia of Soviet Life by Anatoly Garanin

Anatoly Garanin was born in 1912 in Moscow. In the mid-1930s his publications began appearing in many of the capital’s newspapers and magazines, and from 1939 he was a photographer for Illustrated Newspaper, issued by Pravda. In it he published several photo stories, including “If Tomorrow There’s a War,” which became famous. // A portrait of Anatoly Garanin

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The most precious diamond mining company

ALROSA produces more rough diamonds than any other company in the world.

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The “House of the Book”, Saint Petersburg, Russia

by Serg D

Beluga caviar’s as good as gold

Beluga sturgeon hold a special place among sturgeon breeds throughout the whole world. This is the largest and one of the rarest fish of this family. Beluga from the basin of the Caspian Sea is especially unique in terms of its taste.

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The Harbour at Novgorod

Apollinary Vasnetsov (1856-1933) 


"Cat Captain" of Russian Kirov-Class Battlecruiser Pyotr Velikij / Peter the Great.

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Tour of a Restored Tupolev Tu-144 Supersonic Airliner - Ulyanovsk, Russia

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Ante-Room in the Imperial palace at Tsarskoye Selo by Mihály Zichy, 1865


This campaign was created by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi to promote the information available at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture. The campaign features a series of beautiful photographs of famous Russian landmarks, all of which travel underground and feature the tagline ‘Discover the full story’.

Hidden Russia

Mystical Stories About the Sphinxes of St. Petersburg

The White Nights in St. Petersburg is a time when the sunset coincides with morning and twilight lasts all night. It is a time of chimeras and secrets, a time when legends about the mystical statues of sphinxes, which virtually flood the city, come to life

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Adidas as a part of Russian national costume

Adidas in Russia is not just sportswear, but a social marker for certain breed of people

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Bell Tower of the Epiphany Church, in Kazan, Russia

by Gelio

Fashion in the Caucasus: Karachay-Cherkess style

Designers from one of the North Caucasus republics, who have been designing ready-to-wear collections that incorporate elements of the national Karachay-Cherkess dress for several years, have created their own interpretation of the ethnic-inspired trends that are currently so popular.

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